2 Poods Of Pain = Ouch

On Wednesday, I did my first medium day with the 32 kg and was dealt a blow to my ego. On the 4th rung (4th rep) of my first ladder, I pushed the right side up, but only got about a 1/4 of the way up on the left side and couldn’t move it any further.

To make matters a little worse, after finishing the 5 ladders with 3 rungs, my right elbow started acting up and giving me some discomfort (probably from going too heavy too quickly). I finished out my pull-ups and called it a day.

This same thing with my elbow happened before when I was snatching a lot, and the way I fixed it was to perform a special stretch that Scott Sonnon recommended a while ago for it.

I skipped my Thursday variety day and Friday was an off day. I stretched my elbow several times during the day in order to keep it from ruining my heavy day practice.

Today, it was still sore, so I decided to stay with 3 rungs and keep my rest periods at 3 minutes between ladders. In addition, I started with my left side instead of my right, in order to try to focus on my form more on my “weak” side.

I performed my pull-ups the same was as my previous days, using pronated, mixed, supinated and neutral grips.

In between ladders, I stretched my right elbow which seemed to help it a bit. I should probably back off and give it a break, but the two pood is coming along pretty well.

I’ll rest tomorrow, stretch it a bit more, and see how everything feels on Monday.

If anyone has any inner elbow pain solutions, let me know, I’m all ears.

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