5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Swinging

Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals~Jim Rohn

Novato California Kettlebell group training

  1. When swinging with a a friend, spouse or group, decide beforehand who will be counting reps.
  2. Make sure everyone knows if you’ll be counting up to the required number or down from the required number.
  3. Be sure to tell everyone if you’ll be counting out loud.  Or not.
  4. Those new joint mobility exercises?  Write them down for reference.  Odds are you won’t remember all 20.
  5. That new protein powder you just bought?  Better try some before participating in strenuous exercise so there’re no surprises in say, the fourth or fifth rounds of your swings.

Since we stayed with 20-reps swings last week, we’ll move up to 30 and 35 rep swings this week.

We started with joint mobility work from Scott Sonnon’s Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series.  I’m not kidding about the list of movements.  You can follow along on you TV or laptop, but I prefer to go at my own pace and do more or less reps depending on how I feel.  Hence the list.  At least for the first few times you do it.

Then we moved on to our 10-minute warm-up.  4 rounds again, but this time my wife did goblet squats with her 12 kg bell.  Very nicely done.  Good depth.  Flat back.  Goblets are a great exercise.

Finally, we did our 12-minute swing practice.  30 rep sets for 6 total rounds in the 12 minute period.  A good solid workout.  We broke a sweat but didn’t feel beat up when we finished either.

As we’re stuck in the 30-rep range this week, we’ll call this week 2.5 for the program minimum.  I’m not at all concerned to be going slower than recommended as we’re more interested in completing the practice than finishing the program in exactly 12 weeks.  No rush.  No worries.

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