5 Ways Kettlebells Do It All

Well almost all.  I was thinking about my last few months of training when I realized that I’ve actually been consistently training for those few months.  Which is actually an improvement for me as I’ve spent the last 27 years or so working out in 3 week increments with 1-2 week breaks.

What cured me was a formulated program (Enter the Kettlebell) with built-in benchmarks and the availability of a follow-along workbook  (Available from the Art of Strength Store DVDs & Downloadables) that got me through the entire program.  You can follow my progress with ETK starting Here.

ETK set the mark for success with me and even though I transitioned into Girevoy Sport training for a brief spell, I came back to Hardstyle for its simplicity, effectiveness and fun.

This year, Pavel upped the ante by introducing Return of The Kettlebell (RTK).  Instead of using one kettlebell to get stronger, we use two.  I practiced RTK  for 8 weeks and made steady strength gains following the “block-style” training detailed in RTK.  You can read about my experience with RTK starting Here.

I purposely started light in order to maintain progress and reap the full benefits of the program.  I discovered that attempting to get ahead of yourself and ignoring your limitations (lack of good sleep, diet) can be a definite detriment to progress.  I hit a pretty hard wall with the 32 kilo kettlebells, but I’m sure with some easy adjustments (such as using 28 kg bells before ramping up to 5 ladders with the 32s) I could continue my blocks for several more months and still continue to build my endurance, strength and muscle.

I decided to cut my training back a bit and focus on the basics for a bit, as I’ll be attending Pavel’s HKC certification this coming Saturday.  My goal is to go into the cert fresh and injury free so I’ll be able to focus on the training from the incredible line-up of instructors.

Which leads me to 5 ways kettlebells do it all:

1)  Kettlebells are great for building endurance and strength.

2)  Kettlebells lend themselves to a variety of different exercises, thereby fighting exercise boredom.

3)  Kettlebells used properly, can keep you healthy, longer, without beating up your joints.

4)  Kettlebells are a superb conditioner, burning fat and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

5)  Kettlebells are a cost effective alternative to an expensive gym membership.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.  In fact, you probably already know these 5 ways and can add 5 ways of your own!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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