5000 Rep Kettlebell Snatch Challenge – 2000 Down!!!

I knocked off 400 kettlebell snatches today doing sets of 30 reps, followed by sets of 15, and finishing with sets of 10.

I started off by doing 30R, resting for 30 minutes, then doing 30L, resting, etc., up until the 180 mark.  At that point my hands were really getting to the point where I thought I was going to rip a callus or two, so I switched to sets of 15R/15L like yesterday.

I continued with those until I hit 180 again, whereupon I finished with 10R/10L/10R/10L for 40 and an even 400 reps.

Which leaves me with 3000 reps to go to reach my 5000 rep goal.  I’m really going to have to hustle to do it.  I think multiple sets of 10s will be the easiest on my hands.  I chalked the bell only twice, so I think I’ll try chalking more often to alleviate some of the wear and tear.

As far as form goes, I’ve been trying to remember to emphasize the pull back between my legs, and the straight elbow in the lockout.  Otherwise, I’m merely trying to reach my 5000 rep goal and not training specifically for GS, although the more numbers I put up, the easier the 24kg kettlebell will be when I begin my transition to GS style training for the Winter months.

I need to get some paint and spruce up my bells a bit before I bring them in for the wet season.

Time for the Cornhuskers lotion!

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