5000 Rep Kettlebell Snatch Challenge – Complete!

At 9:32 p.m.  My 5000th rep in the WorkoutIQ kettlebell snatch challenge. 

What a relief!  Since I started the challenge, I’ve been averaging between 200 and 600 snatches a day.  I started a couple weeks late and had to make up ground quickly.  After trying large sets of 100, I settled on sets of 20-25 done throughout the day.  But when I realized that other events like work and family time disrupted my snatching (or my snatching was disrupting my family time), I went to sets of 50 to build up the numbers.  Once I settled on 50, I tried to do two sets per hour until I got several hundred reps under my belt.

If I had the extra two weeks to do it, I think I’d try the challenge with my 24 kilo bell instead.  Although the 16 kilo was plenty of weight when I was fatigued from the earlier sets or tired from work.

In addition, the extra two weeks would probably have prevented a bit of pain I have in my inner right elbow now.  But I’m chalking that up to overuse and poor form.  When I concentrated on snatching the bell up my centerline, the elbow pain went away.  If I let the bell drift out a bit, the pain would come back.  And no pain at all on my left side.

So that’s it.  I have to post on the WorkoutIQ blog, and then I’m taking the weekend off. 

The plus side?  My “wind” is better and my shoulders are certainly a bit bigger.  I’ve learned to smooth out my snatch form, and realize what I have to concentrate on while snatching.  Further, I definitely need to improve my grip strength to go for many reps per side (50 or more), however the big numbers don’t seem impossible to get anymore.  I’ve also learned how to settle my breathing down and get into a rhythm. 

The down side?  My hands hurt.  I didn’t have any problems with ripping calluses, as I took extra care to use Cornhuskers and the “corkscrew” technique helps, as does the proper “hook” grip.  However, the change in seasons has made my skin more dry, and by the end of the night, my fingers really ached as I got into the last reps of the night.

I’m going to start training with the AKC kettlebell fitness program, and I ordered the RMAX/Scott Sonnon kettlebell fitness program, so I’ll be trying, testing, and comparing the two head to head over the Fall and Winter months with my family.

In addition, I ordered a 20 kilo Perform Better Competition kettlebell and will be doing a head-to-head comparison with the AKC bells I have.  I’ll post my comparison as soon as I get the PB kettlebell.

Enjoy the weekend!

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7 Responses to 5000 Rep Kettlebell Snatch Challenge – Complete!

  1. you really should start super light and try to build to 4000 or 5000 snatches in one day or even in one 200 minute round. start with 9 pounds jump up to 18 then 35 and finally 53 pounds for 2000 snatches per arm. for 4000 reps at a time. At least I am going to try ! it will at least take me 3 years to build up to this. By!

  2. I AM ON MY 2,200 REP WITH 9 POUNDS FOR THE DAY!I GOT 9 MORE “ROUNDS” OF SNATCHES TO GO. IF I MAKE 4000 REPS TODAY SHOULD I JUMP UP TO 18 POUNDS ONE WEEK FROM NOW AND DO 4000 REPS AGAIN. THEN 35 POUNDS FOR 4000 REPS ON THE THIRD WEEK ? I HAVE SWUNG 70 POUNDS FOR 70 REPS IN A ROW ONCE. AND 35 FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT. WHAT DO YOU THINK? I AM DOING THIS EACH TIME FOR 20 SETS OF 200 REPS 2000 REPS FOR MY RIGHT AND 2000 REPS FOR MY LEFT. I am doing this all in one 18 hour period ,then it is time basically for a big snooze the rest of the week then start again next weekend.

  3. well I did 4000 reps . with 9 pounds. I”m not sore an I feel great!But I will take your advice and next time I go for it with 18 pounds[I will skip a week] I will 2000 reps with my left on wends, then 2000 on saturday. with my right.

  4. I decided to forgo the snatch’s and do heavy pistol squats instead. I seem to have more of a talent for it . this week on my best set I did two 44 pound kettlebels racked. for a total of 88 pounds and I did 5 reps with my right leg.

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