Add A Rung, Increase Your Strength

My wifewas getting dressed this morning and noticed that one of her pull-over blouses went on a little tighter than it has before. Specifically she noted that it seemed tighter in the shoulders. I told her that her hard work in the clean and press was to blame!

Today we added one rung to our ladders. So for today, we did 5 ladders with 4 rungs each. I added my 28kg to the mix along with my 24kg and my 32kg. With the added volume, I’m taking the opportunity to bridge the gap between the 24kg and the 32kg, with the red-headed step-child 28kg.

After our 3 circuits of warm-ups, my sets looked like this:

32 kg – 1 rep right/1 rep left

1 pull-up

28 kg – 2 reps right/2 reps left

2 pull-ups

24 kg – 3 reps right/3 reps left

3 pull-ups

24 kg – 4 reps right/4 reps left

4 pull-ups

Rest 1 minute

Repeat for 4 more ladders.

Val stuck with her 12 kg for all her sets and for our swings tonight, which were 50 reps sets with 20 seconds rest between them for 8 minutes. I used my 24 kg. We hit 220 reps at 8 minutes, but went for 30 more reps to get 250.

I finished up with 20 slow janda sit-ups and 15 straight-leg sit-ups, followed by our stretching.

We’re both tired and sore today, but we both felt like we accomplished something worthwhile as well.

Saturday’s “heavy” day brings us 5-5 rung ladders.

Stand by!

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