America First – A letter from Anthony DiLuglio

Hey everyone. I received the following letter from Anthony DiLuglio, the owner of Art of Strength and Punch Kettlebell Gym. I thought so much of it, I decided to post it here, with Anthony’s permission.

Made in America. What does that phrase mean to you? Have you seen it so many times that you’ve forgotten its meaning? To be honest, until we launched the Bulldog line of equipment I too forgot its meaning, I never thought of the faces, the families, the lives that went along with “Made in America”. I somehow lost touch with what Made in America means to so many people.

None of us have to look very far to see the impact that our slow economy is having on our lifestyle. Business owners especially need only look into their wallets to see just how close to home these impacts are hitting. When we set out to create our Bulldog line of kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells we were faced with a dilemma, save and ship the product to china for manufacturing, or, invest a bit more and keep the product here, manufactured from start to finish in the United States. As many of you already know we chose the latter and opted for local artisans and tradesmen to produce our products. Looking back on those early days of R&D I can’t believe we even thought to have the manufacturing moved to another country. At a time when so many companies are outsourcing their work it’s becoming increasingly more important to keep some, if not all, of that work here in United States, especially with such a slow economy. Despite the increased investment on our part the ability to keep local workers busy and paid has more than made up for the boost in overhead. We chose a local company to produce the balls that are used for all three of the products, to construct the entire bulldog line we chose a union iron worker, a father of 5 all preparing for or already in college, and the powder coating is done completely in Rhode Island, the owner able to keep his entire staff busy with the added work that the bulldog line provides. What we end up with are busy artisans, happy artisans, artisans all working towards a common goal, that is, to produce the highest quality product they possibly can. The result? Our clients and customers get the highest quality product we’re able to produce, far superior to any product we could have made available to our customers had we chosen to outsource production.

We understand that there are some products that are just too costly to produce by hand or to be kept in America, even some of the products that we sell in our store have been outsourced, but when given the opportunity, when the possibility is there, when there’s a slight chance that one of your products can be made in America don’t you think you should at least explore that prospect? And if you can, do you think you should. America First, now more than ever.

Anthony DiLuglio

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