Art of Strength “Blast From The Past” Workout

It was the age of strongmen and names like Sandow, Saxon and Klien were as common place as our Clooney, Pitt and Jolie. It was the early 1900’s and these men and women of strength were performing feats of near herculean proportions. It was during this time that Arthur Saxon, a man no more than 200 pounds in weight, set the world record for the Bent Press lifting 370lbs, a feat which still stands today. To put things in perspective, the Bent Press is a routine performed with one hand, in which the performer presses the weight overhead. That’s right, Arthur Saxon, at 200 pounds, lifted 370 pounds overhead with one hand!  Incredible to say the least.

How is it that more than a century later this feat of extraordinary athleticism still stands? What is it that made this man and many more from that era so strong? In the age of strongmen what was their magic elixir. Very simple; it was their training, a training philosophy that has long since disappeared from our culture. Until now.

Over the past few months we’ve been researching these strongmen and have uncovered many of their original routines. Today we offer one of those routines to all of you. The newest AOSX downloadable workout is here. Presenting AOSX Blast from the Past. A mix of kettlebell, barbell and dumbbell routines, this program, broken down into 6 rounds with 2 exercises per round, is guaranteed to send your strength through the roof. Some of these routines I promise you you have never seen before, and of the ones you have seen I can assure you you’ve never done them like this. In addition to the 6 rounds offered we are also including 2 bonus rounds for even more adrenaline pumping muscle building fun.  We’ve got nearly every man and woman in our gym working out to this routine and every single one of them has had tremendous gains in overall strength, lifting weight that’s comparable to someone 40 even 50 pounds heaver in body weight.

For $39.95 you’ll get the 17 minute video explaining each exercise as well as the workout in pdf format set-up to track your progress as you work your way through each one of these ancient strongman routines.

Pick up the latest AOSX downloadable workout today and get started on your journey into the past. Pick up Blast from the Past today!

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