New Art of Strength Kettlebells Now Made In The USA!!!

From Anthony DiLuglio, Art of Strength:

“With so much of our manufacturing finding its way overseas and so many of our workers finding their way to unemployment lines isn’t now the most important moment to keep things local, to keep things American. It is possible to create a product that beats foreign made at every level, both in quality and in price.

We have associates that have visited Foreign foundries and tell us the conditions are horrible, the iron used is of the lowest grade and the products being produced is deplorable. Until now we have had to use these same foreign made kettlebells and can tell you for a fact, handles aren’t supposed to chip, your hands aren’t supposed to smell like paint when you’re done using them, they certainly shouldn’t leave a black residue and by no means should you see any traces of “filler” to cover holes in the manufacturing process.

In fact it was those concerns that really precipitated the manufacturing of our own kettlebell. Being told that America can’t produce a high quality kettlebell at low cost as a reason for us to accept overseas products is not something we’re going to take lightly. What we’ve been able to do, by working closely with local designers and foundries, is produce a solid iron kettlebell of a quality finer than anyone else’s at a cost that’s lower than any other kettlebell on the market.”


I already ordered a 24 kilogram bell and AOS reports that it will be shipping the 24s on 06/19/09.  I’ll have a review of the new Punch kettlebell as soon as it arrives.

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3 Responses to New Art of Strength Kettlebells Now Made In The USA!!!

  1. To whom this may concern,

    My name is SSG Jordan Ratliff and I am currently a Drill Sergeant stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. My team and I are searching for a kettlebell manufacturer that would donate some to our team. We have a small gym in our work area that about 15-20 of us use. We see ourselves getting out of shape in the 10 week training cycle due to the low intensity workouts that we have to instruct to brand new civilians that we are shaping in to US Soldiers so we do not “break” them before building their bodies up. Please let me know if there is any way your company could help us. Thank you!

    Jordan “Rat” Ratliff
    SSG, US Army
    Drill Sergeant, 1/34 Infantry Battalion

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