Balance — Kettlebell Style

1. An instrument for weighing, esp. one with two matched hanging scales. 2. A state of equilibrium in weight, value, etc. 3. bodily or mental stability.

Well the official tally is in, 13 days straight at work, with 40 hours of regular time and 75 hours of overtime. As the Old Lady said in the Wendy’s commercial: “Where’s the balance?

O.K., so it was actually “Where’s the beef?” But that doesn’t really make my point does it?

Where was the balance? Good question. And the last time we worked out was last Monday. I really dislike missing my workouts, but sometimes life happens and you just have to adjust and move on. So here we are. A repeat of Week 6.

One of the things I’ve found over time is the important part exercise plays in helping me to get out of my head for a while. Those of you who are working out with me know that when you’re in the middle of a ladder, the last thing on your mind is what happened at work today. And if it’s not, you’re not trying hard enough!

Your workout time is your time. Get out of your head and feel your muscles working. Use your time effectively and reap the benefits! Otherwise, try this effective alternative…

Alright, alright, enough joking around. Let’s get serious.

3 rounds of warm-ups.

Val used her 9 kg for her warm-up halos, while Cameron and I (yes, the boy’s back in the routine) used our 16 kgs. Rest for a couple minutes then 4 ladders of 3 rungs of the kettlebell clean and press.

I stayed with my 24 kg, Cameron used his 16 kg, while Val used her 12 kg. Today was a breakthrough day in several areas. Val got her first unassisted pull-up after using the band for two weeks. I had her try to do her single pull-up unassisted on each ladder. She impressed us by making her single for 3 out of the 4 ladders. She continued to use the band for the 2 and 3 reps sets. Ladies, you can do this! Guys, time to step up.

After the first ladder, Cameron and I decided to challenge ourselves a bit. I grabbed my 32 kg, while Cameron grabbed my 24 kg. On our single rep clean and press, we used the bigger bell for the next three ladders.

If you’re scratching your head right now, here’s how it works. Each ladder has three rungs. So our first rung is one clean and press on the right, one clean and press on the left and one pull-up. Rung two is two clean and presses on the right, two on the left and two pull-ups. Rung three is three clean and presses on the right, three on the left and three pull-ups. That’s one ladder of three rungs. We do four ladders total. Get it?

The fun part was that after the heavier single, the following sets clean and presses shot up like a rocket. My 24 kg felt like a 16 kg! Cameron’s 16 kg felt like a 12 kg.

After we completed our 4 ladders, we rested for a couple minutes and then hit our snatches for 7 minutes.

I switched Val to her 8 kg in order for her to practice her form. She’s been having difficulty with the 12 kg banging on her forearm. I showed her how to “punch through” on the top of the snatch and today was the day everything clicked! After watching me perform several of my reps, she saw where the “punch” was and after several tries, the movement just flowed together. No more bruised forearms!!!

The AOS workbook calls for 10 reps on the right, 10 reps on the left and a minute rest. Total time, seven minutes. We ran a little over our seven minute limit, but got 80 total reps.

I finished with 20 janda sit-ups and 10 straight-leg sit-ups, while Val did some roll-outs. Cameron has about 6% bodyfat and doesn’t work his abs regularly.

We finished up with hamstring and lower back stretches as usual.

All in all, not too bad for taking six (forced) days off. Remember that consistency is the key. Yes we’re repeating a week but better to repeat a week than to forge ahead and injure ourselves.

Tomorrow is variety day. I’m debating whether to do the whole Providence workout or to change it up a bit and do something outside.

See you there!

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