Blast From The Past! 6 Week Challenge

After posting Anthony DiLuglio’s newest offering for the AOSx “Blast From The Past” workout, I was very interested to see what the”meat” of the workout was, as it is in keeping with the Ironbell Athletics philosophy of combining free weights and kettlebells for effective and varied training.

So to give it a fair evaluation, i purchased it and have completed two of the workouts.

“Blast From The Past” is made up of 6 rounds two exercises each.  Each exercise pairing is done three times.  In addition, there are two bonus rounds included for additional challenge.

This workout is primarily a barbell and dumbbell workout with a couple kettlebell exercises thrown in.  You will need an adjustable barbell, an adjustable dumbbell, and a kettlebell or two (or one reloadable one like the Bulldog kettlebell).

I am fortunate to have several barbells and dumbbells which I picked up used from Craigslist, so I have preloaded my bars to speed up the ability to go from exercise to exercise without spending too much time swapping weight plates between exercises.

This AOSx workout is designed to be used for 6 weeks, and it includes a downloadable pdf file which helps you track your workouts.  I decided to test the effectiveness of this workout (and challenge myself) by taking a “before” picture, which I’ll post with an “after” picture at the end of six weeks.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, go to the AOS Online Store and check out all the AOSx workouts and unique barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell gear sold by the Art of Strength.

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