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Pressed For Time? Deadlift!!!

deadlift garage gymCool, huh?  OK. maybe yours is better, but this is mine.  My decompression chamber.  My sandbox.  My garage gym.  If you’ve got one, you know what I mean when I say that my garage gym is much better than an expensive commercial gym membership.  At least for me.  While I like the camaraderie and motivation of a close group of friends to work out with, the ability to go pull some iron off the floor whenever I feel like it, can’t be beat.

Monday is normally the day for my “light” workout on the Return Of The Kettlebell program, but today, I got busy with cleaning out an area for my free weights that I’ve been meaning to tackle for about two years.  ‘Course after that, I had to drive my 14-year-old to football practice, take my daughter to her friend’s house, stop at the store and get something for dinner, bring it home, etc., etc., etc.,  Sound familiar?  Well my window for kettlebells closed, but I happened to have enough time to grab a few sets of deadlifts to satisfy my iron craving.

I haven’t been deadlifting for some time now, so I started with an easy 5 reps of 135, 4 reps of 185, 3 reps of 195, 2 reps of 205 and a final single of 225.  These felt great and I felt like I had a whole bunch more in me.  But that’s also the best time to stop.  I’ll bump it up next week.

I think I’m going to make Monday my new deadlift day and switch my “light” workout day to Tuesday.  Anybody else doing deadlifts with ETK or RTK?

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