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Vitamin D may help lung tissue to rejuvenate

From the July 1, 2008 Bottom Line Personal Vitamin D may help lung tissue to rejuvenate, a process that occurs throughout life but declines with age.  The most important source of vitamin D is sun exposure, which leads to synthesis of vitamin D in the skin.  Good food sources of vitamin D include fortified milk… Continue Reading

Healthy Food Shopping – Read Your Labels For Fat Loss!

I was getting a few things at the grocery store today, paying careful attention to the labels, looking for HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and it’s derivatives. After posting an article on HFCS ( my wife and I have become very diligent about reading food labels For instance, I was checking the labels of ketchup… Continue Reading

The Belly Fat Dilemma – Solved!!!

I was reading another fitness blog the other day, one that the writer often “rants” about fitness and diet-related subjects. One of his common themes is his mocking of guys who spend too much time training their abs, looking for that vaunted “6-Pack”. For many of us over 40, we struggle to keep our waistline… Continue Reading

Heartburn Cure? Lose Weight!

Bottom Line Personal Vol. 29, No. 12- June 15, 2008 Heartburn symptoms are not eliminated by avoiding chocolate, caffeine, spicy foods and citrus fruits, contrary to popular belief. Best way to prevent heartburn: Lose weight. Being overweight increases intra-abdominal pressure, contributing to heartburn. Lauren Gerson, MD, assistant professor of medicine, director of esophageal and Small… Continue Reading

Smaller Fruit Is More Nutritious

Bottom Line Personal, Vol 29, No. 10 May 15, 2008 Smaller Fruit Is More Nutritious As fruits and vegetables grow larger, their vitamin and mineral content declines – along with taste and aroma. Organic fruits and vegetables tend to be smaller in general, so the average organic product may have more nutrients than a comparable… Continue Reading

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