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Stay Away From Soy Protein?

(The following article is from the Testosterone site; I can’t handle dairy anymore, and even protein supplements with whey proteins make me break out at 43 years old. I’ve read articles that are pro-soy and anti-soy. You decide for yourself. I’ll probably just stick with eggs and egg protein mixes.) 5 Reasons Soy Sucks… Continue Reading

Spinach and Eggs May Protect Your Eyesight

(image from: “Lutein and zeaxanthin — two nutrients found in egg yolks, spinach and other leafy green vegetables — may help prevent harmful short-wavelength light from reaching the macula (center of the eye’s retina). Recent study: People whose diets included high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin were 35% less likely to develop age-related macular… Continue Reading

Wine and Coffee, There’s More Good Stuff Here

In the Volume 29 Number 11 issue of Bottom Line Personal(June 1, 2008), Dr. Giulio Pasinetti states that wine and coffee may help prevent Alzheimer’s. “Studies show that these slow the buildup of a damaging protein that kills brain cells. Recommended: One to two four-ounce glasses of red wine a day (Cabernet Sauvignon was used… Continue Reading

Staying Healthy

I was reading a copy of Bottom Line Health (May 2008), and an article by Michael F. Roizen, MD caught my eye. Titled “Drink Coffee…Eat Chocolate…& Other Suprising Ways to Live Longer”, Dr. Roizen discusses various ways to stay healthy using what might seem like unorthodox means to do so. For instance: 2) Enjoy your… Continue Reading

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