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Kettlebell Program Minimum-Week 1 Done

Little victories keep me going. One of my initial goals for completing Enter The Kettlebell (ETK), was to make every effort to complete all the workouts for each week.  This means that for the program minimum, I needed to complete two swing workouts and two get-up practices. Although I had to move one swing workout… Continue Reading

Hinge! Swing! Live!

“The outward man is the swinging door; the inner man is the still hinge. -Meister Eckhart Interesting quote, no?  And certainly relevant to our exercise of choice — the swing.  The kettlebell on the end of my arms is the swinging door, my hips are the still hinge.  The “trick” to a good swing?  Hinge… Continue Reading

Kettlebell Basics – Practice, Practice, Practice

While some kettlebell movements such as the snatch and the clean and jerk get more attention than most, one of the most productive movements all gireviks should practice is the turkish get-up. It doesn’t matter whether you practice the basic move or the more advanced Kalos Sthenos version (read about it here-, or even if… Continue Reading

Return of…Enter The Kettlebell

What do you do when you get someone a gift for Christmas and they jump up and down and get so excited and want to play with it right away that they’ll do anything as long as it’s with you and can we puh-lease!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? Well if it’s your significant other, you do the smart thing… Continue Reading

TGU Training 07/08/09

Jump rope – 300 reps 10 minute warm-up: wall squats/halos/pumps 16 kg Turkish get-ups: 10 R/ 10 L (alternating sides) 16 kg 2-handed swing: 200 reps (straight, no rest) 16 kg arm bar Joint mobility I decided to have a back-down day, as doing too much too soon is what got me into my elbow… Continue Reading

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