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Girevoy Sport – Accessorize Your Clean and Jerk

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.” ~ Tom Krause Girevoy Sport Accessory Work Wednesday and Friday were accessory and strength days this week: Wednesday I took part of Thierry Sanchez’s writing about sub-maximal effort (SME) training from his manual “Kettlebell Sport and Athlete Preparation“, and applied… Continue Reading

Girevoy Sport – Happy 4th of July!

Closing In On Girevoy Sport Goals Levels 18 and 19 of the World Kettlebell Club‘s Long Islander workout fell by the wayside this week, with level 18 on Monday and level 19 on Thursday. Monday’s workout was a bit of a bear.  Even though we’re working with 1’30” rest periods we’re also working each side… Continue Reading

Girevoy Sport – Kettlebell Comparison (Part 3)

Recently, Perform Better added a new Girevoy Sport Competition-style kettlebell to its line-up.  Dubbed the First Place Competition Kettlebells, the new models have sanded handles and proper color coding as opposed to their first introduction of GS-style First Place Elite Kettlebells. When Perform Better first introduced their First Place Elite kettlebells, I thought they might… Continue Reading

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