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Prelude To A Test And PR!

girevoy sport, longcycle clean and jerk, kettlebellAs luck would have it, I’m the last to get the coughing crud going through my house, and on the week that I want to test for rank II!

Training has been sporadic as of late, and the longest sets I did were at the Ice Chamber longcycle clinic two Saturdays ago, one for 8 minutes and the other a full 10 minute set.

And I used 16s then. Not feeling too hot today, though.

Thursday, 03/24

LCCJ, 20 kg, 5’00/8,7,7,7,7 = 36 reps

Friday, 03/25

Same again today, just a little longer. I feel a little better and got some Mucinex DM to try to loosen things up a bit. Breathing is pretty raspy though.

LCCJ, 20 kg, 8’00/8,8,7,7,7,6,6,6 = 55 reps

That’s a PR for me and the first time I’ve gone 8’00 with the 20s!

I need to get 67 reps for 90 kg, so I’m pretty close.

I might test tomorrow in honor of the NY Longcycle Championships. Hopefully I’ll have some of this crud gone.  Or I might spend the day in bed.  Who knows?

Wanna try for rank II?  You’ll need a couple of these — 20kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell

UPDATE: Saturday, 03/26:  No rank attempt for me today.  My head feels like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon float.

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The New (Less Expensive) Essentials

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Girevoy Sport – Kettlebell Comparison (Part 3)

Recently, Perform Better added a new Girevoy Sport Competition-style kettlebell to its line-up.  Dubbed the First Place Competition Kettlebells, the new models have sanded handles and proper color coding as opposed to their first introduction of GS-style First Place Elite Kettlebells. When Perform Better first introduced their First Place Elite kettlebells, I thought they might… Continue Reading

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