Change Is Good…Changing Kettlebell Programs, That Is…

OK, I know I said I was going to start my GS training, but my wife and son both said they would be more interested in a structured program so I’m giving them one. If any of you are familiar with Pavel Tsatsouline and the Dragon Door (DD) website, you’ve heard about the Enter the Kettlebell program and have read about its effectiveness in the DD forum.

Well, noted kettlebell fitness trainer Anthony Diluglio of Art of Strength and Punch Kettlebell Gym published a workbook companion to Pavel’s ETK program. In it, he lays out 12 weeks of workouts to follow to achieve the goal of the RKC Rite Of Passage.

I’m using this program for its simplicity and the ability of my wife or son to use their workbook to get a workout in without having to rely on me to guide them. With our work and school schedules, we don’t always get to work out together, so this will help us ensure we get all our workouts in.

For the first workout, we’ll be doing a 10-minute warmup followed by a 12-minute workout. The workout is comprised of 20 rep swings with a minute of “active rest” between sets. We’ll be doing the “program minimum” for the first 4 weeks followed by the “rite of passage” workouts for the following 8 weeks.

The workbook is nice in that it means you just have to place checkmarks by each completed set and use a timer to keep you honest. I suggest you go to the Art of Strength website and see for yourself how great Anthony’s products are!

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