Climbing Ladders, Rung By Rung With Enter The Kettlebell

Yep, you guessed it. Wednesday’s workout was moved to today. I had to work late on Wednesday so we slid that workout into today’s variety slot.

4 ladders. 3 rungs. Cameron was at work, so it was just Val and I with our 12 kg and 24 kg. Unfortunately, we committed the cardinal sins of not enough sleep (5 hours) last night and not enough food during the day to fuel up. And boy did it show.

It was hell convincing ourselves to workout, but once we did, we weren’t sorry we did it.

It was windy today and cool in the evening hours. We do our clean and press workouts outside where the pull-up bar is. For warm-ups then, we did 3 circuits, followed by the 4 ladders of 3 with a minute of rest between them. I could tell the swings were going to be tough when we were both ready to quit at the last rung of the last ladder.

The swings called for 8 minutes of 50 rep sets with 20 second rest periods between sets. I did my first two sets one-handed, but switched to two-handed for the final two sets. The rep range goal was 270-310 total reps. No doubt I could have gotten those with the 16 kg, but that was not happening with the 24 kg today. Val stuck with her 12 kg and mirrored my results. Here’s what we learned:

Lesson 1: Get enough sleep.

Lesson 2: Eat enough food.

Friday we’re off. Saturday is our “Heavy” day. 4 ladders of 3 rungs followed by 25 rep sets of swings with 5 second rest periods for 6 minutes. Rep range is 230-290 total reps. I’m going to try the 16 kg just to see what my max is for that protocol.

Oh, and instead of my AKC competition bell, I used my 24 kg Russian Red today. It has a much thicker handle and really taxed my grip on the one-handed swing sets. My forearms were pumped and about to explode when I was done!

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