Coffee Makin’ Instructions

If you enjoy a good strong cup of coffee like I do, you probably get as fired up as I do when one of your co-workers makes a see-through pot.  I wrote this up back in 1994 and posted it next to the coffee maker in our lunch room (I don’t know if Bunn is still in business).  Well, keep reading to find out how to avoid just that kind of problem…

  1. Dump out that ol’ rainwater.
  2. Dump out them grounds, too.
  3. Getcher a filter paper (a clean one!) an’ put it inta the plastic filter holder.
  4. Grab that big ol’ can of coffee and put eight spoonfuls (a hint more or less dependin’ on yer taste or levela’consciousness) of them ground-up beans inta the filter.  Use the spoon that’s already in the can, durn ya!
  5. Put that filter with the coffee back into ol’ Mr. Bunn.
  6. Take the clear plastic pitcher (not the ol’ one Festus, the new, smaller one) and fill it up with 48 oz. of cool, clear water (in case ya ain’t looked, it sez 48 right at the top of the fill line).
  7. Open the top o’the Bunn and pour the water in (Reckon you’ll take a bath if ya ain’t payin’ attenshun!).
  8. Close the top!
  9. Wait a few fer it ta brew.

Follow these here instructions and you’ll have yerself a decent cuppa joe!

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