December Kettlebell Challenge

This last week was a really hectic one on the personal side.  Still, I managed to get my two training days in prior to today’s meet.

Monday called for clean and jerk day, which for me was my “DKC” workout, consisting of the LCCJ, Clean and 1/2 Snatch.  I used the 20 kg for my LCCJ and 1/2 Snatch, and the 24 kg for my Cleans.  I did three sets each side for 1:15 with a 2:00 rest in between.

On Wednesday I completed my “BUC” workout, which was comprised of the Snatch, 1/2 Snatch and the Bottoms-up Clean.  Same time periods but with the 20 kg only.

My goal these two workouts was to prepare for the December Challenge by keeping my volume up, while not ruining my hands or getting injured.

On the 25th of November, my totals for the DKC were: LCCJ – 60, Clean – 96, and 1/2 Snatch – 60.  On the 1st of December, my totals for the same workout were:  LCCJ – 76, Clean – 118, and 1/2 Snatch – 90.

On November 26th, my totals for the BUC were:  Snatch – 132, 1/2 Snatch – 92, and Bottoms-up Clean – 72.  On the 3rd of December, they were:  Snatch – 149, 1/2 Snatch – 114, and Bottoms-up Clean – 87.

I took Friday off to rest for the challenge.  I hadn’t decided whether to use the 20 kg or the 24 kg kettlebells for the challenge until about an hour before hand.  In hindsight, I probably should have stayed with the weight I had been training with – the 20 kg.

However, as it was, I felt good and decided to go for the 24 kg, just to see how I would fare.

For those unfamiliar with the December Challenge, the event calls for 10 minutes of snatching followed by 10 minutes of one-arm long cycle clean and jerk.  The lifter can set the bell down and switch hands multiple times.  The Challenge is a friendly meet between Hardstyle and Girevoy Sport stylists (or anyone else who just wants to play) for bragging rights about which style is superior to the other.

I warmed up first with some joint mobility stuff and did a few sets of swings and snatches before setting my timer up and chalking my 24 kg.  I began my set with 10 reps, switching hands every 10, until I dropped the bell  for a rest.  The 24 kg was turning out to be a tad heavier than I thought it would be.  I kept plugging along for the ten minutes, though, until I got 127 reps.  My goal was at least 150.  With the 20 kg I think I could have made that easily, but it wasn’t to be.

I rested briefly before picking the bell up again and beginning my LCCJ sets.  This was the first time I had used the 24 kg for LCCJ, and I found rather quickly that 5 rep sets were going to be my friend.  After several sets, the timer mercifully beeped and I had completed 49 reps.  My total was 176 at a body weight of 184 pounds.

I submitted my results (for the OTW – One True Way – Team) and am headed off to work.

I’ll post with the lessons learned tomorrow.

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2 Responses to December Kettlebell Challenge

  1. Nice job with that 24kg indeed! Best part is you now have a baseline to train against in the coming months. How did your hands fare?

  2. Thanks Howie. I chalked the bell for about 5 minutes before I began and put a really good “base” on it. As a result, my hands were fine. I did put the bell down, though, so that probably helped a bit.

    After reading some remarks on IGX and the AKC forums, I’m going to try to integrate some long sets into my training, with the goal of moving to a single hand switch instead of multiple hand switches. I’m also going to start double jerks with the 16’s for long sets. Of course this means I’m going to have to get another 20 kg though to make a pair for when I move up!

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