Double Jerks. Twice The Work, Twice The Fun!

Monday’s workout was practice with the double jerk.  I used my 20 kg kettbells and did 11 sets of 10 with 1 minute of rest between each set.  I noticed that it took about 4 sets to really get in the groove, however from the 5th set on, everything seemed to fall into place.

My wife’s workout consisted of double and single-hand swings for three circuits of 100 with her 12 kg kettlebell.  She did 50 two-handed swings, followed by 1 minute rest, 25 one-hand swings right side, one minute rest, and 25 one-hand swings left side.  Rest for one minute and start over for 300 total swings.

We finished with mobility drills and stretching.

If you read my post with my planned workout schedule, you know that Tuesday is my cardio and assistance day.  I took my oldest son out and ran around the block with him.  It’s exactly one mile and it took us 8’30”.  Not bad for an old man who doesn’t run anymore.

I then set up my barbell with my Ironwoody Fitness bands and two 16 kg kettlebells and did crazy bells for 3 sets of 10.  Those kettlebells on those bands were bouncing around like my 8-year-old on a weekend sugar high.

Tomorrow is snatch day.

Check out this video for some great examples of the competition lifts:

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