Double Kettlebell Conditioning Circuit

05112009-workout-1Please let me apologize for my blog being down for a week, however I finally managed to change my host and get back online.

I’ve been continuing my double kettlebell work and have substituted some bodyweight work in lieu of a couple of the exercises.

My wife joined me for my warm-up and her own workout.  I started with 150 reps of jumping rope, followed by 7 minutes of bodyweight circuits (push-ups, sit-ups, hindu squats and jumping jacks) and some joint mobility work to get the muscles and tendons ready for the kettlebells.

Val stayed with swings with her 12 kg kettlebell, and finished with 150 2-handed and DARC swings.

I set up my 24 kg and 28 kg kettlebells to complete the following circuit:

Double Clean and Push press – 28 kg X 5 reps

Pull-ups (neutral/pronated/supinated) – 5 reps

Guard Attack – 24 kg X 5 reps

Weighted Dips – 12 kg X 5 reps

Full body attack – 24 kg X 5 reps

Double swings – 28 kg X 5 reps

I rested for 45 seconds between each exercise and completed 5 rounds.  I finished with 25 Janda sit-ups, 25 yard power wheel walk, and stretching.  I’m working towards a 100 yard power wheel walk ( and hope to complete the challenge before the summer is through.

All for today.

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