Elbow Re-Hab For The 4th of July

I’m visiting my folks in Cambria this weekend, and brought one of my 16 kg kettlebells with me.

Late this afternoon, I grabbed my kettlebell, went upstairs (where it was about 10 degrees higher than the rest of the house) and started with my 10-minute warm-up.

Except I didn’t have a timer, so I just did 5 circuits of wall squats, halos and pumps.

After resting for a couple minutes, I then did get-ups for 10 reps each side, alternating right and left.

I had a good sweat going at this point, so I rested again for about 2 minutes, and then did 2-handed swings.

Normally, I roll a pair of dice to see how long I have to swing. Fortunately, the vacation house we’re staying in has a Yahtzee game.

Unfortunately I rolled a 6 and a 4. So I did the swing for 10 minutes.

I decided to stay with the 2-handed swing for the entire set and began with 100 swings. I rested for 1 minute and did 100 more.

Finally, I rested for a final minute and swung until 10 minutes was up, hitting 286 total, a P.R. for me with the 16 kilo bell.

Looking back, I should have only taken 45 second rest periods, giving me an extra 30 seconds, which would have enabled me to hit a P.R. of 300 swings in the 10 minute period.

Live and learn.  And believe in your abilities.

I finished with arm bars on each side, 20 reps of leg raises and joint mobility work (including “drill bits and the locust”).

That’s it. My elbow is getting better with the rest from pressing. One more week and we’ll see where I am.

Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

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