Enter The Kettlebell – 2 pood “Light Day”

I just finished my first ETK session with the 2 pood bell. What an experience! It’s an accomplishment for me, as I’ve never consistently worked with the 2 pood before, and the last time I did the ETK program was last year at about this same time and with the 24 kg.

My last workout was a “heavy” day with the 28 kg, and I was able to get 5 ladders of 5 rungs. So the next step is to move up to the 32 kg.

I did my usual 10 minute warm-up and jumped rope for 250 reps. I waited several minutes before starting and then started with one rep of the clean and press on each side.

Working with the 32 kg overhead is different than just swinging or cleaning it. You really have to put all the technique points into play to press the bell safely.

As I was only going up to 3 rungs, I was able to really focus on my form and use irradiation to help press the 2 pood overhead.

Like Saturday, I mixed up my pull-up grips, using the pronated grip for my first ladder, mixed grip for the next two ladders, supinated grip for my fourth ladder, and a neutral grip for my last ladder.

Lest you think otherwise, all my C&P reps were not perfect, but that’s why they call it practice!

I finished with 8 minutes of easy snatches with my 16 kg, getting 132 reps.

I have to compliment Pavel for putting together a program that really works and if followed as it is written, is nearly impossible not to succeed with. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit

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