Enter The Kettlebell – Week 1 (redux)

Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit

I signed up for the HKC this week and am going to focus on ETK and RTK for now. Last week I completed light and medium days with one variety day thrown in. I skipped the heavy day, as my parents were visiting and I wanted to devote my attention to family time.

As a result, I’m starting ETK over at week 1 again, in order to complete light, medium and heavy days.

Monday (Light) 06/16/09

200 rope jump

10 min. warm-up – wall squat/halo/pump

24 KG C&P

5 ladders, 3 rungs w/matching pull-up ladders

16 KG Snatch

9 mins., 175 reps (switch hands every 10 reps)

Tuesday (Variety) 06/17/09


1 R / 1 L (sloooow)

16 KG Pullover

5 reps

24 KG Pullover

5 reps

Wednesday (Medium) 06/18/09

10 min. warm-up – wall squat/halo/pump

28 KG C&P

4 ladders, 4 rungs (w/pull-ups)

24 KG C&P

1 ladder, 4 rungs (w/pull-ups)

24 KG Swing

3 min., 103 reps (switch every 10 reps)

I started out with the 28 kg this time, as I felt that the 24 kg would have been too easy.  However, after my 4th rung of the 4th ladder, I felt like my form was leaving me and I was beginning to use the momentum from my clean to start my press.  Since this wasn’t practice for the push press, dropped the weight to 24 kgs for the last ladder and finished all for rungs strong.  After the first 4 times through with the 28 kg, the 24 kg was a breeze!  I’m not sure how the 5 ladders of 5 rungs is going to go on Saturday, but I’ll do my best to crank through them!

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