Enter The Kettlebell – Week 8

Here we are at the start of week 8 and yesterday (Monday) was our “light” day. Cameron took off for a few days to visit one of his friends, so it was just Val and I.

As we usually do, we started with three rounds of our warm-up exercises and then went right in to our workout of 5 ladders with 3 rungs of the clean and press.

Val’s left shoulder has been bothering her a bit, so I had her use her 8kg instead of her 12kg, and had her practice her form by slowing her reps down a bit. And by slowing down, I don’t mean slow motion reps. What I mean is focusing on specific points within the rep, where we make sure the bell is in the right position before moving to the next step.

In the clean and press, for instance, we made sure that the clean portion was done smoothly so the bell didn’t “slap” the wrist. From there we made sure the “rack” was tight and the wrist straight before moving to the “press” portion.

When pressing the bell, we pressed in an outward to inward arc, slightly back, and ending with the elbow next to the ear. Then we reversed the process.

This took a bit longer than usual, but reminded us of the proper form.

Val’s pull-ups are still progressing nicely and she showed good form throughout.

I stayed with my 24kg and skipped the 32kg singles today. I have a slight strain in my right bicep (I think from my pull-ups) and I don’t want to aggravate it any further.

When we finished our clean and press sets, we rested for a couple minutes and then did our snatches.

Again, I had Val use her 8kg bell, in order to concentrate on her snatch form. She’s been trying hard to get the proper “punch-through” at the top of her snatch, and it really clicked her her with her left arm, but for some reason her right arm is being stubborn. We’ll just have to have more practice!

We snatched 10 right, 10 left with 1 minute of rest for 8 minutes. We finished with 80 reps.

We rested for a few minutes and then worked our abs and stretched.

This week is an important week in our ETK regimen. We going from 5 ladders of 3 rungs on Monday, to 5 ladders of 4 rungs on Wednesday, to 5 ladders of 5 rungs on Saturday. This is a pretty big jump in volume so we’re going to concentrate on getting enough healthy food and good sleep to compensate for the extra work.

Once again, I can’t recommend Anthony Diluglio’s Enter The Kettlebell workbook highly enough. With everything going on in our lives right now, it’s helpful to have a workbook I can grab and follow without having to sit down and calculate reps and percentages, etc.

Check out the Art of Strength store and be sure to sign up for Anthony’s weekly Minute of Strength newsletters.

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