Friday’s Four Times Forty Rep Swing Sets

For the third week of the program minimum, I did  40 rep swings on Monday, followed by our Turkish get-ups on Tuesday.  You might be wondering why my second swing workout came on Friday instead of Thursday.

Instead of taking only one day off, I took two – Wednesday and Thursday – after taking on too many commitments Thursday.  I have no problem taking an extra day if I think I’ll be more productive after that extra day (or if I’ve just run out of time).

After warming up by jumping rope 200 times and 10 minutes of the trio of terror, I worked my 40 rep swing sets starting with DARCS, then 62 jumping jacks; alternating sets of 10 (R and L) for 40, 12 push-up/squat thrusts; 20 L and 20 R swings and 30 Hindu squats; and finishing up with 40 two-handed swings and 13 push-up/squat thrusts.

I wound things up with 20 leg raises and joint mobility work to relax.

The extra day off made a difference as my swings felt really strong.  Next week calls for sets of 50.  I’ll continue to use my 24 kg kettlebell until I start the next phase.

I’ve been experimenting with a secret ingredient workout booster that’s made a helluva difference when I come home beat up from the day.  It takes a little prep as it’s not a commercial product, but it’s also a lot cheaper than most of what you find in the local health food store.

Stay tuned for this radical secret as I’ve got a few more testing days ahead and I want to be sure this is the real deal.

TGUs on Saturday!

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