Friday’s WKC Kettlebell Fitness Blast

WKC Kettlebell Fitness Fun

I just finished re-painting one of my AKC 32 kg kettlebells and needed to give it a test drive, so after 3 “Redwood” workouts, I decided to throw some heavy weight around for fun.

Rack Reality Check

I set up my three exercises with heavy (32 kg) cleans to start, followed by the half-snatch (20kg) and finishing with the long cycle clean and jerk (also with the 20 kg). 

Without divulging the WKC program (because I promised I wouldn’t), the exercises were performed with rest periods between them.  However all reps for a right hand set were performed, followed by a rest period, followed by the left hand set and a rest period.  Get it? 

There are no great secrets here and a quick Google search will reveal any set/rep scheme ever designed by man or woman.  However, the WKC program will guide you through those set and reps with designated numbers for each as well as designated rest periods. 

If you like to dream up your own stuff, do so.  If you like to follow a program designed by a ranked Master, then this program is for you.  As one who has only recently come into the Girevoy Sport arena, I am still learning the nuances of spending “time under the weight”.  There are many different opinions out there and each has its own merits.  However I’m not a fitness professional and don’t always have the time to conduct research and translate articles, so I appreciate having a guide to follow so I can maximize my time.

Roasted Forearms Anyone?

Starting with 32 kg cleans will really pump and blast your forearms if you’re not used to the weight.  As my grip began to weaken, I was forced to check my rack on every rep, trying to dig my elbow into my iliac crest.

The half-snatch is a snatch on the upswing, followed by lowering to the rack, then down into the backswing.  I used the 20 kg for this exercise and really had to focus on the rack again, as my grip and forearms were still smoked from the cleans.

Once I hit the long cycle clean and jerk, I had to make every rep count and pause a bit longer on the rack for a brief rest.  A proper double-dip also helps move the weight smoothly.

I finished the workout in 52 minutes and had a good sweat going. 

Back to the “Redwood” next week.  Have a great weekend!

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