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Week 10, Medium Day!

Let’s get to it. Cameron’s gone visiting friends form Northern California, so Val and I will push through together. Three circuits of our warm-up series, a short break and 5 ladders of 4 rungs today.

Val used her 16 kg for her singles, and her 12 kg for her 2,3,and 4 rep sets. I stayed with my 28 kg for all my sets. I plan on hitting 5 X 5 with my 28 kg on week 11’s Heavy Day. I’ve noticed that my form is suffering a bit as I get into the last ladder and I want to play it safe and stay injury free.

Once our clean and press ladders were complete, we rested for about 3 minutes and started our swings. Val used her 12 kg while I used with my 24 kg. We had seven minutes to complete 50 rep sets with 20 seconds of rest between them. We hit 200 reps right at the 7 minute beep of our handy Gymboss Interval Timer.

Afterwards, I got 25 Janda sit-ups, 20 straight-leg sit-ups, and then stretched out the lower back and hamstrings.

Today was a rough day as Val had a job interview that did not end up in her being hired. She has been out of work since the end of January and to date has not had any success in finding new work. We had high hopes for today’s interview, and when it fell through, it was hard to accept for both of us.

Today would have been a good day to shine on the workout and dwell on the lost opportunity, however, we pressed on and completed the workout, even going for a quick 15-minute walk when we were through stretching.

I remarked to Val that I had a hard time getting excited about working out, and an even harder time preparing myself mentally for the 50-rep swings we were going to finish with. Once we were done working out though, we both felt better for having done it and more focused on what we needed to do.

Folks, I am positive that we are better able to cope with the financial stress of our reduced income by keeping to our workout regimen. As it is, I’m most fortunate to have a partner who gives me the strength to keep pushing on when it seems tough to do so.

Remember: Keep moving forward!


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