Girevoy Sport – 6:00 Longcycle Practice

Today I decided to try a practice longcycle set for 6:00 in lieu of my regular fitness workout.  I haven’t been working longcycle specifically, but I was curious to see what my form looks like and how a long set would feel.  I watched the following video by Denis Kanygin first, as he demonstrates the proper way to breathe during the set.

While this may look easy on the video, once I got into the rythm of the set, it was hard to remember whether I should be inhaling or exhaling, especially when I’ve been breathing the opposite way since I started lifting heavy things.

At any  rate, I set up my 16 kilo kettlebells and set my
Gymboss timer
for repeating 8 second intervals (a 7 rep per minute pace).  Here’s how it went:

While not the best technique out there, I was pleased that my breathing stayed relatively even as I tried to remember to bring my elbows down in the rack and to stick my lock-outs for a second.  Please feel free to critique my form as I’m looking to try a full 10:00 set by July.

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