Girevoy Sport: 6:00 Set Critique

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” – Chinese Proverb

After posting my video this last Saturday, I received some great feedback regarding my technique from several members of the American Kettlebell Club forum.  Here’s what they said:

  • “…what jumped out at me was the need to work on locking your knees when in the rack.” – Howie Brewer
  • “…I notice your second dip is not as deep as it could be. Now if you were quicker you could take advantage of less dip, but as you can see, there is a timing issue. I’s like to see you being more crisp, like bam-BAM, but I see it a bit muted or flowing. It’s good to be smooth, but in this case it’s not really smooth yet. As a Coach I’d be ok if it was more deliberate and then later smoothed out. For me the arms locked as the legs go into the double dip should be a goal. For heavier weights it will become more important. Work on getting more of a bump, a quicker bump, and sending the bells up faster. Only then can you shorten the double dip.” – Eric Liford
  • “…When you dump the bells down from the rack, you should let your arms straighten out more before letting your torso lean forward.  Keep your arms close to your torso on the back swing so you don’t hyper-extend your elbows.  When cleaning the bells up, you need to bit just a bit more power into your drive. The bells momentum dies as they reach vertical, and you seem to pull them into position with your arms. You may get away with this with 16s, but it is a bad habit, IMO. Better to have them land on the crease between your bicep and shoulder then slide down a bit into position (they “settle” a bit). – Tom Corrigan
  • “…You need to be more crisp. Your jerk and clean both needs more speed and snap! Maybe heavier bells will bring this out in you, but really can be practiced with 16’s. Think about using your legs and not your arms!” – Richard Sherrod

The nice thing about belonging to a forum is the ability to get unbiased and honest critiques from sportsmen and women with more experience and skill.  I’ve got a lot to work on to bring my technique up to par.

Long Islander Level 8

My wife came home with some bad news this afternoon.  Family friends are having to close their restaurant in San Francisco this week.  This economy has drained them and unfortunately their 6-year-run has come to an end.  This news took the wind out of our sails, so to speak, but we forged ahead with our workout in order to clear the depressing thoughts out.

Level 8 keeps us at 1:30 for our work sets but drops the rest periods to 30 seconds, so our workout only lasted 34:00.  It definitely cleared the cobwebs and put us in a better mood!

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