Girevoy Sport – Contest Time!

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“Ask yourself ‘Where can I win?'” ~ Stephen Pierce

It’s been too long since I posted, but life has been very hectic these past two weeks.

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet and do a few more thorough posts a bit later.

I completed the WKC Strength and Conditioning certification at the Ice Chamber the weekend of September 25th.

I had a great time and learned a lot of new information.  We had a small group, so one-on-one coaching with Valery and Cate was maximized.  The owners of the Ice Chamber, Steve and Maya were also present and assisted with the coaching and instruction.  They are both very positive and talented trainers.  Steve even convinced me to enter the WKC Vegas Classic in November.  It’s a biathlon though, and I’ve been training longcycle, so I’ve had to switch gears a bit and get back to snatching.

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In order to enter the event, I had to make rank in the biathlon, so last week (Sept. 27th) I set up my video and tested for rank IV at 190 lbs.  I finished with 100 jerks and 79/90 snatches.  After submitting my video, I waited a day or so and got an e-mail back confirming that I made rank IV.

With that done, the next step was to register and get my entry in, and then to get a training plan to hit rank III.  I posted a request for help on the WKC coach’s forum and got a quick reply and plan from Chris Duffy.

It’s simplicity at it’s finest.  Basically I have to jerk and snatch at least 3-5 days a week.  Sometimes shorter (5-6 minute sets) with higher rpms.  Sometimes longer with [a little] lower rpms.  Add one-arm jerks for assistance after the jerks and swings after the snatches and that’s it.

Chris advised me to test myself with the 16s to get a baseline.  Here were my results:

Weight – 189.  Jerks – 84.  30 minute rest, then snatches for 70/72.  And unfortunately I didn’t bother to set my camera up or I could have sent in a video for rank III right then and started training for rank II.  I decided that with only a month left, I would stay with the 16s and work on my numbers and technique.

I also thought it might be fun to train for the StrongSport biathlon with the 32 kilo (I’m already ranked S-32 in the longcycle), so on Tuesday I attempted a test and came up short in my jerks; 17R/15L.  I need 24/24.  I really felt these in my triceps when I finished.  I hit 24/24 in the cleans with no problem.

Wednesday was the start of my biathlon training per Chris’ plan.  (I’ll be posting my results as I finish each day until I leave for Vegas.)

Jerks – 16 kg, 6’00 @ 10 rpm = 60 reps

OAJ – 28 kg, 12R/12L; 24 kg, 12R/12L

Snatch – 16 kg, 6’00 @ 16 rpm = 48/48

Swings – 24 kg, 50/50

I added an extra set of OAJs with the 28 kg to help boost my 32 kg OAJ numbers for StrongSport.

Time for bed.

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