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“High expectations are the key to everything.”~ Sam Walton

Friday Jerk Training

I decided to finish out this week’s training by increasing the length of my jerk sets by one minute, and to raise the weight of my lockout and rack holds.

I warmed up with my usual joint mobility stuff and some jump rope work and then did the following:


Jerk warmup – 12 kg/10; 16 kg/10

Jerks – 20 kg, 20/16/14/14/14 (2’00” sets each.  1’30” rest in between):  I started off with 10 rpm on the first set, realized I’d bitten off a bit more than I could chew, then did 8 rpm, two sets at 7 rpm, and a kind of sprint final set as I finished.  I probably should have stayed with 7 rpm throughout and most likely will next time.  At my current level, 10 rpm is too fast to maintain good form and I’m simply not strong enough yet to keep that pace up.  Next time I’ll stick with 7 rpm from start to finish and see how that feels.

Lockout/Rack holds – 24 kg, 45 sec/3X, 3 minutes rest between sets.  I hold the bells at lockout for 45 seconds, then drop them to the rack and hold for 45 seconds.  My main focus is to belly breathe and try to relax as much of my musculature as possible.

Hangs – From parallel handles.  1’10” each/2X, 2’00” rest between sets).

That’s it for week 3.  2010 is 7 months old already!

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