Girevoy Sport – How To Make Your Workouts More Interesting

kettlebell sport fitness training novato california“No pleasure endures unseasoned by variety” ~ Publilius Syrus

How To Make Your Workouts More Interesting

Sometimes, at the end of the week, I feel like trying something a little different.  Friday was one of those days, because when I looked at my lemon bell, I just didn’t have the motivation to crank reps with it today.

Instead, I grabbed my WKC kettlebell fitness manual and pulled out a program I’ve used in the past, the Redwood.

The Redwood consists of the push press, the half snatch, and the longcycle push press.

I used my 24 kilo bell and decided to try level 3 (1:00 work, 1:00 rest).

  • Pushpress – 10R/10L, 10R/10L, 10R/10L
  • 1/2 Snatch – 13R/13L, 12R/12L, 12R/12L
  • Longcycle pushpress – 9R/9L, 9R/9L, 9R/9L

By varying the program and the weight, you’ve got an entirely new challenge and a productive break from the “same old, same old”.

But Don’t Forget Your Goal

On Monday, we were back to the Long Islander and up to level 12 (2:00 work, :30 rest).  I’m still using my 16 kilo, while my wife is using her 8 kilo.  We banged through our levels and still made our max reps per minute.

We’ll move up to level 1 for our next workout, with our goal being level 20 by the end of June or early July, and my personal goal of Rank III in the biathlon as well.

To that end, I practiced jerks today with my 20 kilo bells.

  • 15 reps – 3 minute rest
  • 15 reps – 3 minute rest
  • 15 reps – 3 minute rest
  • 15 reps – 2 minute rest
  • 15 reps – done.

That’s 75 reps total and enough for today.

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