Girevoy Sport – Ladders For Strength

“You are doomed to make choices. This is life’s greatest paradox.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Choices, choices, choices.  Monday I came home to find that my 15-year-old son had let a couple “questionable friends” into the house while we were gone, and they had helped themselves to snacks and an inspection of rooms without supervision.  These were not kids my son normally hangs out with, but he made the choice to let them into the house and feed them.  The only problem was, they were then touring the house on their own.  They broke some of our things, went outside, spray-painted my driveway and drew inappropriate pictures on some lawn chairs.  They left when my wife got home and we got to the bottom of the issue after an intensive question and answer session with my boy.  Suffice it to say, he knows he made a poor choice letting these two delinquents into our home.

Unfortunately, I got a bit spooled-up at this invasion of my privacy (my home is definitely my castle), and I still had a lot of pent-up anger when I started my workout.  That negative energy was a distraction and made my exercise session was less than enjoyable.

Cleans – (doubles) 24 kg, 4 sets, 3 minutes each, 8 reps per minute.  As I said, I was distracted and initially set my timer for 8 seconds (should have been 7 seconds).  7 Seconds was better and forced me to keep to my pace to get 24 reps within those 3 minutes.

Rack Holds – 32 kg, 1’05” each for 3 sets. 3 minutes rest between sets.  Again, I wasn’t fully concentrating and managed to tweak a nerve in my right wrist which lasted until I went to bed.

One upshot of the whole mess (besides a better understanding of the house rules by my son and what a true friend is and isn’t), is that I managed to get 3 minute sets with the 24s for the first time and got some good practice sticking to the 7 rpm pace.  The rack holds are also giving me the opportunity to deepen my rack and build my endurance with the heavier weights.

Girevoy Sport is a tough business and many people are turned off the the level of effort required to succeed at the sport.  However, with slow, steady, patient work, I’m finding that what I thought was too hard to do at one time, is actually possible.  So often we place limits in our own minds (such as not being able to go the whole 10 minutes in a competition set) that we defeat ourselves.

However, if we break down the exercise or goal into smaller, more realistic steps, we are able to win small victories that add up to bigger ones.

Accessory/Strength Day

Like the guy in the picture above, I decided to stack ladders today to raise my volume a bit.  Where previously I did 42 reps total with a 32kg kettlebell in the one-arm longcycle, today, using ladders, I did 90 reps.

Mentally, I was totally connected to my workout, as I had a great day at work and brought that positive energy home.

Get-up Sit-up – 16 kg, 3 sets of 7 reps/1 minute rest between sets.

Barbell Overhead Squat – 45#, 3 sets of 7 reps/1 minute rest between sets.

1-Arm LCCJ – 3 ladders of 1,2,3,4,5 reps each side/1 minute rest between sets.  I did 1R/1L, rest, 2R/2L, rest, etc.  After resting for about 4 minutes I went to:

Bumps – 24 kg (doubles), 10/10/10/10, 1 minute rest between sets.  Then rest for 2 minutes and finished with tricep work.  I had been doing partial range dips, but found them really hard on my elbows.  So after doing a set of 10 and a set of 5, I switched to kettlebell tricep extensions.

To do these, I have a 6-foot section of heavy rope that I feed through the handle of a 12 kg bell.  I grab the ends, pull around my head and drape it down my back with my elbows bent behind my head.  I then straighten my arms to the overhead position, before lowering the bell down my back.  I did 3 sets of 10 reps.  These were just heavy enough to work my triceps without putting any strain on my elbows.

I concluded with stretching and joint mobility stuff and was done.  Don’t rush your progress.  It’s the slow progression that builds skill, strength and endurance.

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