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girevoy sport,kettlebell fitness instruction,94947,novato caWKC Long Islander Level 20- Complete!

After 18 weeks, I can finally say that I completed the Long Islander at level 20.  I started on March 16th and finished on July 6th.

Looking back at the early levels, I know I was wondering how I would be able to perform for the three minutes per side that the higher levels called for.  Yet the program is written in such a way as to practically guarantee success from level 1 to level 20.  Here’s my weekly breakdown:

March 16/18 – Levels 1 and 2

March 21/23/26 – Levels 3 and 4

March 29/April 1 – Levels 5 and 6

April 5/8 – Level 7

April 12/15 – Levels 7 and 7.5

April 19/23 – Levels 8 and 9

April 26/29 – Levels 9 and 11

May 3 – Level 11

May 10 – Level 12

May 18/21 – Levels 13 and 14

May 25/27 – Level 14

June 2 – Level 15

June 7 – Level 15

June 17 – Level 14

June 21/23 – Levels 17 and 20 (12 kg)

June 28 – Level 18

July 1 – Level 19

July 6 – Level 20 (3 minute sets with 30 second rest periods)

You can see that most of the time I was practicing twice a week, but sometimes only once a week or not at all!  Even so, I managed to keep advancing through the levels and finished in17 weeks.  I had originally planned on completing 2 levels a week, but other factors intervened and I had to be flexible with my workouts.

Training For Longcycle

Now that I’ve finished the Long Islander fitness protocol, I’m going to transition to training for rank with the 16 kgs in longcycle, with my goal of hitting rank III in the WKC system.  I’ve been working on developing a longcycle program using a scheme suggested by Andrey Kuzmin.  Once again, my goal is to stick to the program, however I’ll also be incorporating running into the mix.  The program runs for 12 weeks and should get me right up to the WKC Sept 25-26 San Francisco “IceChamber” Coach Certification.

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