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girevoy sport,longcycle clean and jerk,lccj,kettlebell,94947“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Larry Elder

With the start of the week, I’ve begun my longcycle training in earnest.  As I wrote previously, my goal is to make rank III (within the World Kettlebell Club’s rank structure) in longcycle before going to the September Ice Chamber AKC certification.

To get rank III, at a bodyweight of 187 (85 kg), I’ll have to do 11 repetitions with a pair of 32 kilo kettlebells.  The WKC recently changed their rank structure, and no longer will men be using kettlebells under 24 kilos for rank.

Fortunately, over the last 4 months, I’ve lost about 5 pounds while doing the WKC fitness protocol, so that puts me in the 85 kilo weight class.  On the other hand, I’ve only been using 16 and 20 kilo kettlebells, so the road to 32 kilo bells is going to be a little steep.  (But not impossible!)

Tuesday after our walk, I brought out my 32 kilo bells and sanded the rust off the handles before trying a few cleans.  These were awkward to say the least.  The weight of the bell forces you to move differently than with the lighter bells.  I’m going to have to own this weight to be able to make rank.  However, after watching enough youtube videos of “little” guys slinging around the 32s, I’m confident I can move the weight too.

I’m going to have to use the proper training and plenty of positive visualization to get it done, but I know with the support of my friends here and on the AKC forum, I’ll get it done.

Girevoy Sport Longcycle 12-Week Program

I’ll be starting with a variation of the Russian EDT program found at the Girevoy Sport after 40 blog.  From Eugene’s EDT post:

“The sequence of training loads looks like this.

1. One arm jerk 10-20 minutes changing arms every 60 seconds.

2. One arm jerk, 5 min each arm

3. Two arm jerk, 10 sets 1 minute each, rest 1 min

4. Two arm jerk, 6 sets 2 minutes each, rest 2 min

5. Two arm jerk, 4 sets 3 min, rest 3 min, and so on: 3x4min, 2x5min…

6. Two arm jerk, 6,7 and 8 minutes (on different days, of course)

7. Two arm jerk, 24+24kg -1 minute, then 20+20kg – 2 minutes, 16+16 – 3 minutes, no rest

8. Same as above – 2 minutes, three minutes etc., no rest.

Set/rest time combinations can be changed of course. As I understood from posts on these forums jumping from 1 minute set to 2 minutes is difficult, so maybe increments of 30 seconds is a better idea. When you are able to stay for the full 10 minutes you can work on the reps in the same fashion.”

I’m going to have to be very careful not to overtrain, but I think that using waves of heavy, medium, and light workouts may help prevent this.

Week 1

Monday, 7/12/10


  • 12 kg, 10 reps (warmup)
  • 16 kg, 10 reps (warmup)
  • 20 kg, 10 reps/minute, 1 minute rest, 5 sets
  • 16 kg, 10 reps/minute, 1 minute rest, 5 sets

Assistance exercises for jerk

  • 20 kg lockout holds for 1 minute followed by rack holds for 1 minute/ 3 minutes rest/3 sets

Hang on a pullup bar

  • 1 minute hang/rest 3 minutes/2 sets

girevoy sport training program,kettlebell fitness program,pull-ups,deadhang pull-ups

Tuesday, 7/13/10


  • Brisk walk-30 minutes.

Wednesday, 7/14/10

Strength-building exercises.  Any suggestions?


Howie Brewer of wrote to tell me that the WKC rank structure has not changed.  For some reason, the old WKC rank structure is still showing on their website.  My original plan of training rank III with the 16 kilo bells still stands, and for my weight, I’ll have to get 64 reps.  That simplifies my training plan a bit.  Here’s the correct location of the WKC rank structure.

Thanks Howie. 🙂

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