Girevoy Sport – Longcycle Training Week 3

girevoy sport training,longcycle training,kettlebell sport training,94947“People fall forward to success.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

I finished out last week with cleans and rack holds for time.


Double cleans – 24 kg; 5 sets @ 10 rpm for 2’00” (100 total-2’00” rest between sets)

Rack Holds – 32 kg; 1’00″/1’00″/1’10” (3’00” rest between sets)

Sunday, my wife and I took a hike for about an hour, a good amount of it being uphill and on Monday, I decided to test myself with a 4-minute StrongSport Longcycle test with the 32 kg.


1-arm LCCJ – 16kg 10R/10L; 20 kg 116R/16L

4-minute StrongSport LCCJ Test – 16 R/16L


40-minute brisk walk.


Get-up sit-up – 16kg, 3 sets/5 reps (1’00” rest between sets)

Overhead barbell squat – Oly Bar 3 sets/5 reps (1’00” rest between sets)

1-arm LCCJ – 32 kg, 7R/7L; 7R/7L; 7R/7L (2’00” rest between sets)

Swing – 24 kg, 30 2-hand,15R/15L (1’00” rest); 15R/15L (20 sec. rest); 10R/10L (10 sec. rest); 5R/5L/4R/4L/3R/3L/2R/2L/1R/1L

Bumps – 24 kg  10/10/10 (1’00” rest between sets)

That’s my update for week 3.  I’ll practice jerks again this Friday.  My StrongSport test was the first time I’d played with the 32 kg in some time.  I found that I had been a little intimidated by the weight until I started pushing it for reps.  Now it doesn’t seem like the monster it once was.


I didn’t mention that I videotaped my 4-minute StrongSport set on Monday and submitted it on the WKC site for judging.  Well, I passed and am officially ranked now — S-32 LongCycle.

Now it’s time to train for S-36!

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