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“I don’t think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it.”

~ Mike Ditka

I tested for Rank III in LongCycle last week while on vacation.  I don’t know if I made it or not yet, but after watching the video and receiving some pointers from AKC Master Trainer and Coach Howie Brewer, I realized that I need to clean up my jerk technique, especially at the lockout portion.  (You can see it here.)

Howie also mentioned that what helped him the most when he was working with the 20 kilo bells, was doing a five minute set at 10 rpms a few times a week.  That got my attention, as I had only been training the jerk once or twice a week, with accessory or strength work thrown in the other two days.  It also reminded me of one of the chief tenets of Matt Furey’s book, The Unbeatable Man: If you want be your best at a particular endeavor, you have to practice, and practice a lot.

So as I looked back at my training for the last few weeks, I saw that I’d only been doing jerks once a week, with the other two days reserved for strength and assistance work.  As a result, I’ve restructured my training to reflect the “10,000 hours rule”, and have decided to practice the jerk and longcycle for 10,000 hours straight.

OK, so maybe that’s a bit overzealous.

Maybe four times a week is good for now, with two days set aside for the jerk and two for longcycle practice.  I’ll alternate jerks on Monday and Thursday, and longcycle on Tuesday and Friday.

Here’s how the start of my new program went:


Joint mobility warm-up

Jerks –

12 kg x 10

16 kg x 10

20 kg for 2’00” at 10 rpm  3 minutes rest.

24 kg for 2’00” at 6 rpm (2x)  3 minute rest between sets.

Accessory work –

OALC- 32 kg for 2’00” at 4 rpm (4R/4L).

I was working quickly through these sets and didn’t have much energy left once I got to my OALC work.  That evening, I dug out my notes from my 2007 AKC certification, and realized that I was trying to do too much too soon by hitting 10 rpm sets so soon.  As Howie was saying, 5’00” sets of 10 rpms is the goal.  However, starting at 5’00” sets of 6 or 7 rpms is an easier way to progress than starting off at 10 reps per minute.  So for Tuesday, I changed things up a bit.


Joint mobility warm-up, then general kettlebell warm-up with:

OALC – 16 kg 2 sets of 15/15 (1 minute rest between sets)

LCCJ – 16 kg 1 set for 2’00” @ 7 rpm (1 minute rest between sets)

LCCJ – 20 kg 1 set for 1’00” @ 7 rpm (2 minutes rest)

Work set

LCCJ – 20 kg for 1 set @ 4’00” @ 6 rpm (rest 3 minutes)

Accessory work

OALC – 24 kg for 6’00” @ 5 rpm (switch hands every 5 reps)

Swings – 24 kg 25R/25L (one handed, immediately following the OALC)

I felt much better with my 4’00” work set on Tuesday than my 2’00” work set on Monday.  My plan for Thursday and Friday is to 5’00” work sets at 6 reps per minute.  Then I’ll evaluate where I am and move up to 7 reps per minute next week.  I’ll continue this progression until I hit 10 reps (at least in the jerks) and then increase the time.  This should also take me up to the September cert at the Ice Chamber.

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