Girevoy Sport Requires Cardio – Run!

As part of my prep for Girevoy Sport training in 2009, I’ve started running again.  I’ve got a quick route around my neighborhood that’s exactly one mile.  And that’s exactly what I started with.  My son Cameron and I launched ourselves out the front door at about 5:30 and made it back by about 5:40.  I didn’t time it and don’t really care how fast it was.  I just wanted to get my legs moving and my heart rate up.  The run felt good, but with the cold weather, I coughed up half a lung as we went along.

When we got back, I went into the garage and set up for a little bench press practice.  I recently read an article on T-Nation by Craig Weller titled Crazy Bells – A Bold New Way To Use Kettlebells.  Here’s the jist of the article:

A Crazy Bell is a kettlebell attached to both ends of a barbell by a band. Bench pressing with Crazy Bells feels like having a wild animal tugging on the bar as you move. It has to be experienced to truly understand the feeling. The only way to press with it is to stay absolutely tight throughout the entire movement.

Crazy Bells are used by experienced lifters mainly as an injury prevention device on the bench press. The unstable, dynamic load places a huge emphasis on stabilization muscles as the entire shoulder girdle must fire maximally to keep the bar path tight and stable throughout the press.

This can be used as a teaching tool for beginner lifters as a way of teaching bar control and tightness. It’s a great tool for lifters with shoulder issues and can be used to build work capacity in pressing movements. With advanced lifters, it is a novel stimulus that can force further neural adaptations and eventually greater strength.

Does that sound like it could be applicable to Gireviks practicing the three competition lifts?  You bet!  As I haven’t benched in ages, I set up my bar and bands with two 16 kg kettlebells.  As Craig writes, you have a helluva time controlling the bar. For starters, I did 3 sets of 10 reps.  As time goes on, I’ll add a few sets and probably bump the weight up as well.

You can read the entire article here:


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