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If there’s one thing we can probably all agree on, it’s that having more strength can only help us in life and our physical pursuits.  I picked up Resolution from the Art of Strength a month or so ago.  I was going to use it too build my basic strength levels, but instead decided to modify it a bit to add some assistance work to my GS fitness days.

As my longer term goal is to make rank on the biathlon with the 16 kilo bells with both the IKFF (rank 4) and WKC ranking systems (rank 3), my WKC fitness workouts are designed to get me in the GS “flow” and prepare me for true GS work to come.

My Resolution

The Resolution program calls for heavy barbell or log presses combined with 30-rep sets of swings for multiple sets.  As I just finished a press-intensive program (Enter the Kettlebell), I decided to give my sore elbow a break and modify the program a bit.  At the same time, I was intrigued by the new Strongman Sport developed by the WKC/AKC.  In essence, the Strongman calls for four minute sets of one-hand jerks followed by a four minute set of cleans.  the weights start at 32 kg and progress upwards by 4 kgs to 48 kilos.

As Resolution only calls for two exercises, I thought I would do a modified press followed by 24 rep sets of cleans.

The Gameplan

For my presses, I’m using a tricep bar which allows a parallel grip.  This grip is similar to the rack position with two kettlebells and is very easy on my elbow.  In fact, it doesn’t stress it at all.

girevoy sport assistance exerciseWhile I could try to jerk this bad boy for reps, I’m going to play it safe and start with a more static approach.  Specifically, I’m doing them on seated on a slight incline.  Resolution for girevoy sport assistance exercises

The slight incline mimics the slight “lean” the upper body is in during the rack and initial press.

Once the weight moves overhead, I move forward off the incline to a vertical position as I fix the weight overhead and hold it there for two counts.  My elbows are right next to my ears and my pinky, ring and middle fingers are in a false grip.

I do these for five reps from chest height using 70 lbs.

Immediately after the presses, I use my 24 kg comp bell and do 24 cleans right, immediately followed by 24 cleans left.

Then, after shaking the lactic acid out of my forearms, I start again with the presses.

I did four rounds total, and did not try to finish in a specific time, as my clean technique deteriorated as the reps built up and my forearms were really smoked by the time I finished.  I tried to concentrate on keeping a false grip in the rack and being smooth on the clean from the backswing.

A nice workout all-in-all, which took about a half hour.  Tomorrow, we’re moving up to level 2 of the Long Islander. It’ll be the same exercises with slightly shorter rest periods (90 seconds instead of 2 minutes.)

I hope everyone remains in good health.


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2 Responses to Girevoy Sport Strength Work

  1. Hey Jim,

    Let me ask you, how much were you pressing with the ETK program? If more than the 16kg, I’ll tell you from personal experience that you don’t need to do this assistance work if you want to make rank with the 16’s.

    I’ve just gone through an experimental phase, lifting heavier bells (24’s and 28’s) for multiple sets, and I found that my GS numbers with the 20’s went down. I put on about 10 pounds of mass on my body at the same time. It has been a frustrating experience.

    I have now recently gone back to training GS for GS. Timed sets each day, waving the intensity as I need. And I am veyr happy to see my numbers coming back up. I am just about now where I was before “the experiment”. And hope to continue upward. My goal is to make WKC Rank II in April. And then it’ll be time to start playing with the big boy bells!

  2. Hi Howie,

    It’s been a while since we chatted. I was using a 24 kilo for ETK. How many days a week do you train GS? I’m having to relearn everything as my body is used to Hardstyle and not used to GS right now. I figured using the 16 kilo bells would be a good way to ease back into it and get my form right before moving ahead.

    So you got bigger and it dropped your numbers? I would have thought that lifting the heavier bells would have helped your 20 kg numbers.

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