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girevoy sport,girevoy sport training,ironbell athletics,kettlebell sport“Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top. They climb the mountain one step at a time. They have no use for helicopters!” ~ Judi Adler

As I complete my third day on Level 14 of the Long Islander, I’m reminded that there are definitely no shortcuts to attaining success with long, timed sets.  It take many, many reps, over many, many minutes of practice to become comfortable lifting a metal ball for hundreds of reps.

Wait, did I say comfortable?  Perhaps that’s not the right word.  Maybe tolerant is a better word.  I don’t think you ever become comfortable with it.  If you’re comfortable, you’re not using enough weight!  And isn’t the point to challenge oneself and expend effort in order to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, build insane endurance, win medals and become world famous?!?!?!?!

Ahem….sorry, got a little carried away there.

Why The WKC Kettlebell Fitness Protocol?

Because it works.  There’s no argument about the effectiveness of progressive resistance exercise.  You start light and build reps and add weight until you plateau.  Cycling teaches us to then back off in time or weight and slowly advance again to a new plateau, one which will probably be higher than the last one.  Granted you can’t do this forever, but it’s an effective way to accomplish a goal in weight training or kettlebell sport.

The WKC Fitness protocol maps out the time periods and the rep ranges to use to build up your strength and endurance.  Be patient and allow yourself time to acclimate and tolerate.  The endurance and strength will come as a result of your hard work and patience.

I completed a solo Level 14 practice on Tuesday, and a team Level 14 practice on Thursday with my wife, who commented that Thursday’s workout wasn’t as hard as last Friday’s Level 14 practice.  Steady progress, visible, quantifiable results with one kettlebell, a Gymboss Timer, determination and patience.

On to Level 15!

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