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“The volume of traffic is bad enough. Add to that excessive speed and inexperience and it equals a lot of death.”

I’m trying it again.

The World Kettlebell Club (WKC) fitness protocol.

I know I said I wouldn’t do it again but I’m gonna.

And this time I’m going as long as my elbows hold out.  Actually, my right elbow to be specific.  The damn thing is still giving me fits and I could feel it getting aggravated during our last week of Enter The Kettlebell (ETK), hence the reason for concluding it in week eight instead of week twelve.

I dug up my WKC manual and decided that the routine called the Long Islander would do the trick.  The manual classifies this routine as “intermediate level”, based on the difficulty of the included lifts, those being:

  • Clean
  • Half Snatch
  • Long Cycle Push Press

My goal is to maintain our strength gains from ETK, while continuing to build our endurance.  We’re also going to drop down in weight to get accustomed to the GS style again.  My wife will use her 8-kilo, while I’ll use the 16-kilo to see if the reduction in weight eases my elbow pain.

We’ll be using the Long Islander on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll be doing some form of Resolution.  I’ll figure out the specifics later, though.

Check in later Tuesday for more…

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