Girevoy Sport Training And Running

girevoy sport,girevoy sport training,kettlebell sport training,strength trainingA quick post to get back up to speed.  I’ve been absent from the web for the past week due to some health, family, and technical issues.  In short, Life has gotten in the way of my training.

Of course, unless you’re a sponsored pro, Life probably gets in your way as well.  And if you’re a parent, Life is always there!

Last week we managed one Level 15 workout.  With the warmer weather, we’ve moved our exercise and kettlebells back outdoors.  What a difference outdoor training makes!  The fresh air.  The occasional cool breeze.  The natural light.  All great things for the mind and body, and all contributed to a hard but fantastic workout.  What a gift to be able to enjoy it too.

The rest of the week was taken up with the end of the year for each of our elementary, middle, and high school-aged kids.  End of the year picnics, middle school graduation and finals took up our free time and energy.

New Goals

Like Eugene at Girevoy Sport after 40, I’m a bit ADHD when it comes to training programs.  I’m still going to finish the Long Islander at Level 20, but I had previously planned on trying to attain Rank III in the biathlon.  I think I’m going to change that to Rank III in Longcycle.

First, I’ve realized that my schedule doesn’t allow for workouts to properly train for both the snatch and the jerk.  I can probably effectively train longcycle 2-3 times a week though.

Second, my partner at work said he wants to run a half marathon and he wants me to train with him.  Now, I’m not really the running type, but distance running like this will probably complement my Girevoy Sport training.  And it seems like an attainable challenge.

I’m still on track to hit Level 20 and finish up the Long Islander fitness protocol.  After that it will be a dedicated running program and longcycle practice.  I kind of like the idea of simplifying my training anyways.  🙂

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