Girevoy Sport Training – Week 2 Concluded

This last week was a busy one in my new assignment at work. I came home on Wednesday set to do my snatch workout, but my energy level wasn’t where it should have been. Add to that the commotion from my kids and my concentration level was not where it should have been either. As a result, I had a truly crappy workout.

I still did 4-4 minute sets with my 20 kg kettlebells (changing hands at 2 minutes). My rest periods were supposed to be 2 minutes but I stretched them out to 3 minutes and 4 minutes for the last one. I really had to force myself to get through the sets at about a 13 rep-per-minute pace and with 4 kids trying to grab my attention or fight with their siblings, I ended up beat up and pissed off. I’m glad I got the workout in, but was disappointed that I couldn’t keep my head in the movement.

I skipped my Thursday cardio, as it was the first night of my 12-year-old son’s indoor flag football league. Friday was a busy day at work again and when I got home I ended up laying down on the bed with my wife and fell asleep for a couple hours. There went Friday’s workout.

With Saturday here, I was determined to get my long cycle workout in. As a reminder, I’m doing long cycle with my 16 kg bells for 3 minute sets. Last week I did 5 sets and this week I planned on doing the same. I started off with 2 minute rest periods between sets and finished my fifth set after a 3 minute rest. All my sets went well and I think I averaged between 24 and 27 reps per 3-minute set.

Val did her swing workout again, which was a 50-rep 2-handed set, followed by a 25-rep set (right) and a 25-rep set (left). She then rested for 2 minutes and did it again for three total sets of the 50,25,25 with her 12 kg bell.

I’m beginning to think that two days of rest between workouts might be better than just one. However, this coming week I’m going to stay with my Monday workout as planned and see how my energy levels are for the remainder of the week.

I just finished reading Scott Helsley’s latest post to his Rational Fitness Blog titled “Product Review:  Battle of The Kettlebell E-Books”.  Based on Scott’s write-up, I purchased Paul Tucker’s “Downunder Guide To Navigating Girevoy Sport“.  I’m going to give that a read tomorrow and see what I can incorporate in my own training.

All for now.

IBA out.,

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3 Responses to Girevoy Sport Training – Week 2 Concluded

  1. Hi Jim,

    You punched the clock with that workout which is better than just skipping it, so props to you. They can’t all be the way we plan them.

    I personally found that taking two days off in between workouts seems too long for me. I feel like I start to stiffen up a bit and lose my feel for the movements. (Of course, right now I’d love to be able to maintain any kind of regular schedule.)

    Keep on plugging along my friend!

  2. Great job sticking to it Jim! It’s all about working hard, staying consistent, and keeping it simple- meanwhile always adhering to a plan of basics.

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