Girevoy Sport – 2010 Vegas Classic Results (Part 2)

girevoy sport competition kettlebells“I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.”— Og Mandino

I tested for rank IV on a Monday evening at the end of September, as the Winter sun was fading away.  With my wife counting for me, I hit 100 jerks and 79(R)/90(L) snatches.  I don’t know if there were any no counts but I did receive my passing e-mail shortly after submitting my videos.

With my new rank in hand, I headed over to the World Kettlebell Club forum and posed the following question:

“This will be my first competition and I’ll be training to hit rank III at the meet. For my weight class (90 kg), I’ll need 73 jerks, 70/70 snatches.  What would be the most efficient way to train for the next 30 days with only 3-4 workouts per week available to me?”

The Plan

Coach Chris Duffy was the first one to get back to me.  His advice was simple:

Jerk then snatch.  Repeat daily.

OK, maybe that wasn’t exactly what he said, but it was damn close.

Chris wrote:  “The best way is to train for the numbers you need… That means train at 14 rpms on the snatch and 8 rpms on the jerk.

Here’s is plan that will work:

“Monday or your first day back to training:

  • 216 jerks 8 rpms for 10 minutes
  • 16kg snatch 14 rpms for 10 minutes

After this test you will know exactly where you are.”

“The next three training days stick to your money set on both lifts, with OAJ (one arm jerks) and swings for assistance work.  This plan is very simple and highly effective.

So Simple, Even A Caveman Could Do It

Or a somewhat novice, rank IV lifter.  Chris suggested that I focus on Jerks for 5 to 7 minutes at 8/9 reps per minute.  If going for longer time, use less rpm, shorter time, more reps per minute.

For snatches, Chris suggested I work at least 6 minutes and go 8 minutes a couple times per week.

For assistance work, he recommended heavier one arm jerks immediately following the jerk work set for 12/12 with a hold at lockout.  For snatches, practice heavy swings for 50/50.

That was it.  Oh yeah, and regular practice.  Without that, it’s just exercise.

First Test Results

Having already registered for the Vegas competition, my motivation was high to do my best.  So on the following Monday, I set up my 16s (but not my video, *%?@#$!): The results:

Jerks, 84

30 minutes rest.

Snatch, 70 L / 72 R.

The Jerks were definitely an effort, the snatches, not so much at 14 rpm.  In fact, the snatches felt great at that cadence. Too bad I didn’t video it, or I’d have been a rank III at that point!

Next Post:  “Working The Plan”

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