Girevoy Sport – 2010 Vegas Classic Results (Part 1)

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Girevoy Sport – Thoughts On The 2010 Vegas Classic

Well the WKC Vegas Classic is done and in the books.  You can see the results here.  And while there’s an old saying that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, my experience was one that I want to share it with you all, if only to enlighten those of you who might be wondering why we spend so much time practicing Girevoy Sport.

The start of my 30 Day Challenge really began at the Ice Chamber’s World Kettlebell Club (WKC) Strength & Conditioning certification in September.  I met some great folks there during the training, and was motivated to attend the Vegas Classic by Ice Chamber owner Steven Khuong.

Steven told us that lifting for rank or PRs in the gym was completely different from lifting at a meet.  If we really wanted to get an idea of what the true flavor of Girevoy Sport was, we should test for rank and register for the Las Vegas meet in November.

The Motivation

As I wrote previously, the certification weekend was one of the best experiences I’ve had since attending both AKC and HKC certifications in the last several years (You can read about it here.)  The positive energy and friendly people combined to make the learning environment a positive and motivating experience.

In fact, it was so motivating that the Monday after the certification, I decided to submit my registration for the Vegas Classic.  First however, I needed to test for rank IV Biathlon, as that was the minimum level needed for men to enter the contest.

I’d already attained rank III longcycle over the summer, so I figured rank IV biathlon was achievable, even though I hadn’t snatched in a long time.  So after weighing myself and checking the WKC rank tables to see how many reps I needed, I set up my Flip Mino and filmed my jerk and snatch sets.  It wasn’t until a couple days later that I found out that I’d passed, but in the meantime, I went ahead and registered for the meet.

Get A Decent Camera

I have to digress for a moment here, because the camcorder you use will really make a huge difference in your training.  I have an old first generation Flip Mino camcorder.  It works well, provided there’s enough light and you don’t mind a less than perfect image.  Since the first version, Flip has produced an HD version with more memory.  In addition, several other manufacturers have gone the way of the Flip with their own versions of compact, one-touch video recording and super easy uploads to Facebook and Youtube.

Why is this important?  Well first, if you lift alone, you need to be able to look at your own form and see where your problem areas lie.  Second, unless you plan on testing for rank at a sanctioned meet, you’ll need to upload a video of your rank attempts to Youtube for a WKC judge to review.  Third, one of the perks of being a member of the WKC forum, is that there are many experienced lifters and judges who are willing to look at your videos and provide constructive and invaluable criticism of your technique.

Black Friday and to the Rescue

As I said, I use a first generation Flip Mino for my camcorder work.  I’d much rather have an HD, and I’m sure the judges reviewing my rank attempts would probably rather watch an HD version than a regular one.  So checking the website for Black Friday deals, I came across the following options:

Each camera comes with similar options, although says that the Sony is one of their best-sellers.  At any rate, take a look for yourself and see what kind of deals Amazon is offering.

Part 2, Coming Up…

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