Girevoy Sport – Who Says Men Can’t Multitask?

girevoy sport,kettlebell sport,kettlebell fitness,girevikmul-ti-task-ing

Function:  noun

Usage:  often attributive

Date:  1966

Definition:  The performance of multiple tasks at one time.

Single-tasking VS Multitasking In Girevoy Sport Training

Everyone knows that women are better at multitasking than men.  Don’t ask why, it just is.

However, my wife decided do do a little experiment today to test the theory a bit.  On Friday, we performed our second Girevoy Sport/Kettlebell Fitness training workout for the week by advancing to level 14 with the Long Islander we’ve been doing.  We’re still at 2’30” work sets (per side) and 1’30” second rest periods.  We’re really feeling the added time and reps, however the extra work is really beginning to show on her already slim frame, as she’s had to ditch two old pairs of jeans that were too big for her.

At any rate, we’d finished our forty rep sets of cleans and had just started our sets of 1/2 snatches when Mrs. decided to test my Portuguese language skills.  With our 2’30” sets, we’re doing 25 reps for each work period.  I usually count the reps backwards, as it seems easier at the end of the set to down in the single digits rather than up in the double digits.

I start or set counting at 25, 24, 23, and so on, when my beautiful Brasileira suddenly starts counting backwards in her native Portuguese.  So here I am grooving along, popping the kettlebell up to lockout, pausing for a count, dropping it down to the rack, settling my elbow into my hip, dumping the kettlebell out and down into the backswing, and starting the cycle again.

Fala Portugues! (Speak Portuguese!)

However, now she wants me to join her into counting reps in a language I’m not very comfortable in.  And not just counting, but counting backwards.  But I’m game, so the first rep I count at 19 (dezenove), I drop the kettlebell straight down in a corkscrew directly into the backswing and skip the rack altogether.  Full snatch, not half.

As I pull the bell back up, I forget about pulling my shoulder back with my trap as I try to remember the number for 18 (dezoito).  Now I remember to bring the bell back down to the rack, but on my next snatch up, I count 16 instead of 17 after losing track of what rep we were on and really have to concentrate to get the kettlebell back on it’s correct path.

We finished out the remainder of the set with me getting 10-1 perfectly (definitely my strong point!)  My next five sets were a major multitasking struggle as I tried to focus on the fine points of the movement while also saying the numbers correctly.  Backwards.

Our next exercise was no easier, as we launched into the longcycle pushpress with 25-rep sets as well.  My counting improved as we moved through our work sets, until my wife gave me my final exam on our last set.

Without any prompting, I managed to count back completely from 25 to 1 in flawless Portuguese, while simultaneously cranking out 25 longcycle pushpresses without coming up on my toes during the push press or forgetting to rack the bell on the way down.  Talk about brain drain!

We’ll do level 14 again after our weekend off, and then move up to level 15 by the end of the week.

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