First Girevoy Sport Workout of 2009

I was lazy and skipped my workout Friday. I had planned on Long Cycle Clean and Jerk practice but got busy with things around the house. Some things are just more important than others.

My plan for 2009 is to make rank in the WKC system, level VII at a minimum.  I’m not in a race however.  Consistency has always been my weak point and that’s where I plan to focus my efforts this year.

My goal then, is to train the competition lifts three times a week and throw some assistance and cardio into the mix.

In order to make Level VII at 85 kg (at 6’02”) I’ll have to do a combined jerk/snatch total of 160 reps with the 24 kilo kettlebell. Level VII for the Long Cycle Clean and Jerk is 40 reps with the 24 kilo bell.

My weekly plan will look like this:

Double jerks with 20 kg kettlebells. 10 reps for 10 sets with 1 minute rest between sets.
Mobility drills.

Run (starting with 1 mile)
Crazy bells bench work with 16 kg kettlebells
Mobility drills

Snatch with 20 kg kettlebell (4 minutes @ 12 reps/minute, switch hands at 2 minutes – 4 sets)
Mobility drills

Run (starting with 1 mile)
Bodyweight drills (Royal Court)
Mobility drills

Long Cycle Clean and Jerks w/16 kilo kettlebells. (3 minute sets/2 minute rest periods between sets for 5 sets)
Mobility drills

So today I did my Friday workout. I used my battered pair of 16 kilo bells and went for 3 minute sets. For the first two sets I didn’t bother counting reps. I watched my reflection in my living room window and worked on my form and my rack.

One thing I noticed is that I really have to concentrate on the second dip in order to avoid turning the exercise into a push press.

From the third set onwards my rep count was 19, 24, 20.

I finished with some stretches and lots of water.

My wife decided to do a swing workout while I was practicing, and for her 3-minute sets, she did 50 two-handed swings, transitioning into alternating one-handed swings, 10 right, 10 left for 30 reps per arm. She used her 12 kilo kettlebell and completed three sets.

I’ll be working on my Girevoy Sport practice for the next 3-4 months and see how things are going before moving up to the 24 kilo bells.

Once I start using the 24 kg bells, I’ll develop my technique with those for a while before testing myself in June.

Any comments or suggestions on my program would be welcome.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to First Girevoy Sport Workout of 2009

  1. Nice going Jim. We have the same plan for 2009.

    For me, it’s all about balancing the intensity of the bells with my recuperating back. I’m hoping that by year end I’ll be able to obtain rank. I’ll probably be somewhere in the 70-75kg range (at 5’5″), so my numbers will be a bit less than yours.

    I’m rooting you on! And will be following (hopefully) in your footsteps!

  2. Hi guys, thanks for checking in. I decided that 2009 is going to be the year of putting my money where my mouth is. My Monday – Friday plan may be flexed a bit by a day or two a week, but I plan on hitting the competition lifts three times a week even if I miss a cardio day or two.

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